Custom E-Commerce Solutions

We work with industry leading technologies to deliver custom ecommerce software

ecommerceAtlas Studios designs and develops shopping cart and ecommerce software for business platforms. Our software developers can design a shopping cart that is specific to your online selling needs.

Various other pre-designed carts can be implemented and customized as well. We design shopping carts for use on the Linux/Unix platforms utilizing PHP and MySQL database. ASP and SQL tools are used in the shopping cart systems on the Windows or NT platforms. Intuitive onscreen shopping in our cart solutions reduces the number of customers leaving your site.

Advanced marketing tools will drive additional sales to your store. Detailed statistics and reporting allow you to make better decisions about your product catalog and better understand your customer behavior. Content management is implemented for better control at all levels, including category, subcategory, product and shell page levels. We are firm believers of utilizing advanced features such as LiveChat, dynamic site mapping, Google Base and other shopping network feeds, advanced e-commerce SEO modules and many other features that make for a fully capable e-commerce suite.

Atlas Studios deploys database solutions utilizing applications such as HTML, Java, PHP, SQL, MySQL, Access, Perl, php and ASP. We design a custom solution to meet your needs. A well-designed database is one of the most powerful e-commerce business tools your company can have.

Tracking information and inventory tools, subscription accounts or whatever your particular database environments objective is, Atlas Studios will design, develop, integrate and deliver it.

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