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Aggressive attention to PPC management means lower spending.

Pay per click advertising gives you the ability to get instant exposure to and coverage with your target markets in a variety of properties around the Internet. This is modern, results-based advertising at its purest, meaning that you only pay media costs or advertising costs when visitors choose to click on your ad messages to get further information.

There are a variety of pay per click advertising mediums to choose from, including Google's massive network, Yahoo and Bing, as well as social pay per click advertising now available on Facebook and LinkedIn. Shopping networks such as Amazon, BizRate and NexTag all offer product based pay per click capabilities. On a micro-targeted level, you can get industry-specific access to relevant website traffic by advertising on websites that useGoogle's Adsense network to generate advertising revenue.

We often recommend activating carefully managed pay per click advertising in conjuction with aggressive organic search engine optimization (SEO). Pay per click gives us the ability to instantly test the quality of keywords to determine if your website and products will convert targeted traffic into sales, allowing our team to adjust SEO keyword focus in order to build the best long-term mix of keywords.

About our Aggressive PPC Advertising Management

Pay per click advertising networks are there to make a profit for themselves. Self managing your own pay per click campaigns can be potentially dangerous as the networks are set up so that it is relatively easy to get started with campaigns. The networks will "help you" get as many clicks and visits as possible from your published ads.

This is NOT the smart way to manage your advertising campaigns. High numbers of clicks and the resultant high level of spending to purchase those clicks is useless to you as a business owner if the clicks do not convert into phone calls, emails, quote requests and sales. Our team is here to help you get the right clicks - low cost, appropriately targeted keywords in advertising carefully crafted to deliver highly targeted traffic to the appropriate destinations in your website.

The only way to accomplish this goal is to manage pay per click aggressively and manually. We are certified pay per click consultants who know exactly how to unlock the full set of features in order to micro-target pay per click advertising campaigns for minimum budget expenditures and maximum results.

I's not "how much you spend"; it's how you spend it. Contact us today for an initial consultation. Whether you are seeking to start your first pay per click campaign or desire to audit and fine tune your existing initiatives, we can help.  

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